Creating the best skincare routine for your skin type!

Learning how to create a routine for your skin type is an important aspect of achieving your best skin. Incorporating skincare products that have the natural herbs and oils that are beneficial to your skin is key. Also, using masks and serums made for your skin type is important. Do you know your skin type? There are 4 skin types- normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive. Your routine will most likely be dictated by your skin type. Keep reading to learn more about your skin type. 


Normal skin- this skin type is neither oily or dry. People with normal skin usually have soft, smooth and blemish free skin.

Dry skin- little sebum production is the cause of dry skin. Sebum helps keep skin hydrated and healthy. People with dry skin are most likely to get wrinkles and lines. Dry skin can feel tight and look dull. Keeping the skin hydrated is the best option for this skin type. Applying layers of natural skincare products such as serum, face mask, eye cream and moisturizer is the best route to take in order to keep the skin moisturized. 

Those with dry skin should stay away from products that contain alcohol because alcohol tends to dry out the skin over time.

Oily skin- heightened sebum production is the cause of oily skin. Porous and shiny skin are indicators of oily skin. This skin type is prone to blackheads and whiteheads. Incorporating products that include ingredients such as tea tree oil can help combat this skin type. Also, exfoliating scrubs is a must have for removing blackheads and whiteheads.


Combination skin- this skin type usually gets a bit oily on the T-zone area and drier on the cheeks. Using a combination of skin products for the T-zone and cheeks will be helpful for this skin type. 

Sensitive skin- sensitive skin can be easily irritated by many factors. Overly dry or injured skin can cause sensitive skin. Excessive exposure to the sun, heat and cold can also be the cause for sensitive skin. Using products that contain aloe vera gel can be beneficial to this skin type as aloe vera is known to treat sunburns and irritated skin.


I hope you have learned a little more about your skin type and what is required to build your skincare routine based on your needs.

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