About SLAY


 As the daughter of immigrants from the Dominican Republic, I always knew I had to work hard to get far. I was bought up in a household where theory and science was a popular topic. Naturally, I was fascinated with knowledge and learning. At the same time as a growing girl I was very much interested in fashion, hair and all things beauty. I starting buying teen magazine which opened the world of DIY or Do-It-Yourself, as they would advertise it in these magazines. I loved making things on my own whether it was lip glosses or bracelets.

 After college, I had the opportunity to work with DNA, brain tissue, and reproductive organs. I got to a point in my career when I knew I gathered skills in working precisely and carefully to make/process a product. I decided to put my skills to use and tap into my creative side. SlayGoddess Cosmetics was born shortly after.

 SlayGoddess Cosmetics is you. It's him/her/they. It's the best self in you. It is not only skincare but also energy. It's what you would like to be. What you want to cultivate about yourself. It's the best self care. The bonus is that it is made with ingredients purposely designed to enhance and care for your skin.

 My goal is to continue to make products that make you feel good while using it. Why? SlayGoddess Cosmetics is made with the intention of making you feel like a goddess or a god. You are already one of those things. Why? because you are looking out for YOU. You are looking to care for your biggest organ, your skin- that in itself says a lot. I hope you got to learn a little bit about what SlayGoddess Cosmetics means and the motivation behind it. With love and energy, SLAY.